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About Cascade Farms

Who Are We?

Cascade Farms' Expert Trainers offer some of the finest riding instruction & training in Colorado.


We are proud to have been teaching Front Range Hunter Jumper riders of all levels for 35 years. Our program focuses on classical riding principles, equitation, horsemanship and the enjoyment of all aspects of riding and horse care.

Whether you are new to riding, are returning to riding or are an advanced rider looking to sharpen your skills & compete, our experienced instructors can customize a program for you!

Hunter Jumper Trainers

A Note from Our Head Trainer/Owner

"As a lifelong horse lover, my goal at Cascade Farms has always been to provide the best possible riding experience, whatever your skill level may be. I customize my training and teaching to each individual horse and rider, bringing each along as quickly or as slowly as needed. For more experienced riders, that means brushing up on equitation technique and polishing your jumping form; for less experienced riders, I believe in a well-rounded approach to good horsemanship that includes learning how to care for your horse, a no-stress environment for beginning riding lessons, and a commitment to finding the pleasures and sense of achievement that comes with great riding. I look forward to working with you."


-Jennifer Vann (Owner & Head Trainer at Cascade Farms since 1993)

P. S. The horses at Cascade Farms are well fed, well trained, and well mannered! All day turnout results in happy horses.

Miss-Bessie jumping
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