Boarding & Facility 

At Cascade Farms, we take pride in our well-maintained, clean, safe & organized facility. 

All horses receive top-notch 24/7 care. Board includes feed, hay, blanketing/unblanketing & daily turnout. Horses always have plenty of sparkling clean water & are fed twice per day.


We feed high quality feed/grain plus rations of superior Brome grass hay based on each horse's individual needs. We also feed owner provided Supplements & Medications at no extra charge. 

All riders & boarders have full access to our excellent amenities 7 days a week.

Stall Board - $650/Month

Stalls are 14ft x 14ft and most have attached runs. The barn is airy and clean. Each has heated automatic waterers and lights. All stalls are cleaned daily and re-bedded as needed. With two tack rooms and sheds for your trunk there is plenty of room for your storage needs. 

Stall Horses are turned out daily, grouped with other horses based on best fit. Board includes blanketing & horse welfare checks throughout the day.

Paddock Board - $550/Month

All paddocks are outfitted with large lean-to shelters with individual feeding sections. Sections are blocked off during feeding to ensure all horses receive their full rations & avoid conflict. Water troughs are clean & have fresh unfrozen water available around the clock. 

All fencing is electric for extra safety. 

Paddock horses are turned out daily, grouped with other horses based on best fit. Board includes blanketing & horse welfare checks throughout the day.

Outdoor Arena
Outdoor Arena

Our large, 160' x 210', spacious outdoor arena means you can ride on your schedule. Sand footing is soft and conditions your athlete. The footing is tended to regularly and is the perfect place to practice jumping courses & flat-work. 

Indoor Arena

Cascade Farms has a 72' x 150' indoor equipped with lights and fabulous laser leveled chopped Nike footing. The indoor arena makes riding accessible & comfortable during inclement weather or during the evenings for working amateurs.

Round Pen

The property also contains a 60' round pen for your training needs. Whether starting a youngster or lunging a horse in rehabilitation the soft sand footing offers an excellent space to train & exercise your horse.


Three large pastures allow for roomy all day turn-out with multiple monitored water troughs. All pastures are fenced with electric fence for your horse's safety. Staff check & monitor each horse before, during and after turn-out to make sure each horse is healthy & happy. Limited paddock turn-out is also available.

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